June 30, 2014

Improve ReadyNAS Vault upload speed

Here so how improve the backup upload speed for ReadyNAS Vault. ReadyNAS Vault is a cloud backup solution for Netgear ReadyNAS. It runs on the NAS hardware without any computer involved.

Login with your credentials: https://vault.readynas.com

Goto to: Backup Settings -> Manage Backups -> "Mailbox icon". See below.

Changed the slider to 100% for maximum speed.
You can observe the upload usage per 24h by clicking. Reports -> Account Usage.

Here is the results that I got:
Default: 8.25-1.66 = 6.59 GB/24h => 0.078 MB/s
Set to 100%: 27.9-17.2 = 10.7 GB/24h => 0.13 MB/s

The improvement is 1.6 times faster. Not a huge improvement but better. My Internet connection is 10 Mbit/s (theoretically 1.25 MB/s) for outgoing data so it should not limit the speed in this case.

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