May 17, 2013

Electronics Home Lab

I have built my home lab inside a computer cabinet (IKEA Husar). It has a pull-out keyboard shelf that I use it as an extension of the workspace when the doors are open. My inspiration came from a friend that had built his lab in a two door closet. The main idea is to have a workspace that can be closed when not used and to be able to resume my work later. I have used this lab for nearly ten years and I am still happy with it!

In the upper part of the cabinet I keep commonly used tools and instruments. On the top shelf are two PSUs, a signal generator, assortment boxes with components, the SMD component kit and shelf trays with cables and small tools. On the lower shelves are things like multimeter, callipers and a power drill. At the bottom is the work space with a soldering station. On the left wall are screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. To the left are cables hanging on hooks.The thing hanging under the shelf is an old radio scanner. You can also see a small vise hanging on the front of the workspace.

The lower part of the cabinet is used for storage of less commoly used things and toolboxes. To easily find what I looking for I use stackable clear plastic boxes.

When the doors are closed it blends nicely in to the rest of the apartment so that the muggles don't find it ;-)

May 7, 2013

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