February 26, 2013

Arduino IR remote library

If you have an Arduino project where you need to handle remote control infrared signals you should have a look at IRremote library by Ken Shirriff. It recognizes many commonly used protocols and can also capture and send raw data for unknown protocols. Download it from his github page:

I used the provided example named IRrecord to receiving and transmitting codes with my Panasonic TV remote. It was recognized as raw and it worked well to learn codes and send it to control my TV. A clever trick to see if you transmitter is working is to use your smart phone camera. Looking at the IR led in the camera viewer enables you to see the IR light.
Here is how to wire the sensor and the IR led, the button is is used to send the last captured code.

By opening the serial terminal the captured code can be viewed. It shows the length of the mark and space in the code.

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