February 6, 2013

Practical low cost SMD components kit

A couple of months ago I ordered an SMD components kit on ebay. I have used it for some time and I have to say I like it! It is small and has the most common values of the components. In the picture below you can see a size comparison with an Arduino UNO.

The kit is a book with resistors and capacitors in pockets with labels. It has 3025 of resistors in 63 values from 0Ω to 2MΩ and 700 capacitors in 17 values from 15pF to 1uF. The component size is 0805 (2.0x1.25mm).

Search on ebay for "Practical SMD resistor and capacitor components, assorted folder kit" The price is about $32. I am not associated with the seller of this item.

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