March 6, 2013

Arduino library for Osram SCDQ554xx Displays

This is a description of my Arduino library for Osram SCDQ554xx Displays. The library is available for
download here. For installation instructions see my older post Installing newping library.

The device that I have used is the SCDQ5542Q. But the following devices should also be supported:
  • SCDQ5541X (Yellow)
  • SCDQ5542X (Super-red)
  • SCDQ5543X (Green)
  • SCDQ5544X (High Efficiency Green)
The display is a tiny LED display with 4 characters with a 5x5 Dot Matrix. The device has no built-in character definition instead each dot is individually programmed to be on or off.

My libray has an example with the numbers 0-9 and decimal point defined. Other symbols can easily be added. For character sets and other details see the Data sheet. 

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