March 13, 2013

Energia a port of Arduino IDE for TI MSP430

Energia is a port of the Android software for the TI MSP430 LaunchPad. My LaunchPad with a MSP430G2231 has mostly been collecting dust lately so i decided to give it a try. My first test was the provided blink a LED and serial communication examples and as expected they worked fine. So I decide to try something a little more challenging.

I installed my library from the previous post and hit compile. There was no errors but the pin assignment needed to be updated for the MSP430. I did the changes below and downloaded it to the LaunchPad.
const int loadPin  = P1_4;
const int sdataPin = P1_5;
const int sdclkPin = P1_7;

As you can see in the picture below it worked. Energia is a promising software. The latest version on the web page is a bit old but the git repository seems to be updated lately and the forum is quite active so hopefully the work will continue.

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