March 25, 2013

MSX emulatation on MK802

In this post i show how to install openMSX on MK802 running running a lubuntu 12.04 image from

Open a terminal and install the openmsx-catapult package by typing:

sudo apt-get install openmsx-catapult

This will install all the needed packages. openMSX Catapult is a GUI to configure and launch the openMSX emulator. Start it by typing:


Select a game ROM file under Cart A then press the Start key to start the emulation. With the default MSX type there is no need for a bios file. But for other types it will be needed. Below i have installed a bios file from Spectravide SVI-728.

If you have an USB game pad connected to your MK802 go to the Misc Controls tab and select joystic1 as Joystic port 1.
 When the emulaton is running you can enter fullscreen mode with the F12 key

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